Mark Vette – Internationally renowned Animal Behaviourist, Educator, Author and TV personality

Mark Vette BSc, MSc (Hons)

Internationally renowned animal behaviourist, educator, author and TV personality

Mark Vette BSc, MSc (Hons)
Internationally renowned  animal behaviourist, educator, author and TV personality

Mark is a globally recognised Animal Behaviourist, Zoologist and Trainer. He brings together a unique combination of academic studies with 40 years of applied clinical animal behaviour consulting and treatment through his behaviour clinic.

Mark has also trained a variety of species for film and television performance on such movies as Narnia, Lord of the Rings and The Last Samurai. Mark has also led three TV series to date – Purina Pound Pups to Dog Stars, the UK-based Dogs Might Fly and his earliest work The Funny Farm. He is New Zealand’s go to media commentator on all things animal.

Mark draws together his deep love and understanding of dog behaviour into Dog Zen – a training philosophy where to truly love your dog, you must first understand them. Built on his 40 years of experience, Dog Zen explores how to establish a loving, sound relationship with your dog, the importance of learning state and a shared language, and all the tools and techniques you need to correct common, persistent behaviour problems.

Mark draws on his deep understanding of wolf and proto-dog behaviour to provide deep insights into the dog, their behaviour and how to resolve issues. These insights were first developed in the US under the renowned behaviourist Prof Erick Klinghammer then strengthened through training the wolves on Narnia and solving dog behaviour problems in his clinic.

If you were to ask Mark where his most profound insights come from it would be his 40 years of Zen practice under the guidance of his Great Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Dog Zen is informed by all of Mark’s trainings and acknowledges that dogs too are his ‘Dog Zen Masters’. He continues to learn much from these wonderful being that have been at his side all his life and never ceases to be amazed by their presence and joy.

Meet the Team

Kim Morresey

General Manager – BBS (Marketing), Post Grad Dip International Development

Kim has over 15 years experience running diverse and complex programmes and teams in the environmental management field in local government.  This work grew out of a love of all things in nature and a deep commitment and passion for community.

Five years ago her career took a sharp left turn into dogs, cats and managing all things animals.  Brought in to help Mark run the business side of things, Kim has overseen the birth of Dog Zen Ltd and supported Mark in developing the online programme, writing books and managing the team. 

As Mark says, dogs are often one of the last vestiges of nature in people’s lives, so working in this business isn’t too far removed from her previous work.  Kim’s personal passion in the business is growing a collective sense of community, particularly in the online space. 

Kim also happens to be Mark’s life partner – this is a true family business!

Marie Manderson

Senior Trainer

Marie has always been obsessed with animals and at a young age proudly declared to her parents she wanted to be “Lassie’s” trainer. Over the years that followed, Marie has participated in a variety of animal disciplines including pony club, obedience, agility, dog trick titles, breed showing, and instructing to name just a few. Marie’s working career started with her working in a boarding kennel after school, moving onto a pet store and veterinary clinics.

Marie has worked alongside Mark for well over 20 years, starting in his boarding kennels/cattery, zoo and later positions in the animal talent agency and behaviour clinic. Marie also featured in two of Mark’s TV series. Throughout this time she has also continued to further her education and understanding of animals, animal training, and behaviour.

Marie believes we never stop learning and is an avid reader and follower of a variety of trainers, teachers, mentors and training techniques. Marie is extremely grateful for the many opportunities animals have brought, and continue to bring, into her life.


Jazmin Vette Dal Bello

Senior Trainer – Behaviour Clinic Trainer and Manager

Jazmin grew up surrounded by animals, and totally immersed in the world of animal training. With years of experience behind her, Jaz has learned a wealth of invaluable animal training skills, some of which she used to train the world’s first driving dogs! Jaz has also found the time to: study photography, travel, live in Brazil with her husband, and bring two new additions to the family in the form of her gorgeous daughters. On a global scale, it’s Jaz’s face that’s plastered on YouTube as the trainer of global phenomenon Driving Dog Porter.

Jaz now runs the Behaviour Clinic, treating dogs with serious behavioural issues and creating impressive transformations. She is passionate about helping people eliminate the stress that dogs with behavioural issues bring to their lives. Animal training aside, Jaz is a sparkling human being with a heart of gold. Nothing is ever too much to ask, and anyone who has the pleasure of dealing with her will find her efficient, hard working and lovely!

Koan Vette

Customer Training Enquiries

Koan has worked on and off for Animals on Q and the Behaviour Clinic since he was a teenager, and spent a number years as Manager of our Behaviour Clinic helping dogs with serious behavioural issues. Koan prides himself on being able to make big changes in difficult dogs, and loves the challenge of going the extra mile to turn a dog’s life around.

Koan is now off the frontline and behind the computer, helping customers with their online dog training and books. You may also find Koan with his dog Patch riding his bike in Woodhill or hiking the summit of Mt Ruapehu, as he’s always in search of an adventure somewhere in the outdoors.

Kelly Cross

Clinic Coordinator

Kelly comes from a corporate background, having spent 15 years in the head offices of both ASB and Air New Zealand. She took time out to start a family and when her youngest daughter turned one, she found herself looking for a new challenge. Determined not to return to the corporate rat-race, she started looking for something different and interesting to do, which brought her to the doorstep of Mark Vette. Given her lifelong love of all things animal-related, and passion for ensuring an exceptional customer experience, she now wakes up to a job she really enjoys every day.

Kelly looks after all of the customer enquiries we receive from people looking for support/training with their animals and how we may be able to help.

Want help working out which of our services will suit you best? Contact Kelly on

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Hear from our happy customers directly


Rhea - Breeder, Cambridge

‘Puppy Zen book has ABSOLUTELY blown me away. The amount of useful and sensible tools/information/knowledge and skills to learn in this book is just incredible. It highlights how important it is as responsible dog owners to play our part and provides excellent guidance on how to achieve it.’


Sonia - Breeder Cider Field Labradoodles, Australia

“As a breeder of working lines of labradoodles, we recommend all owners to get a copy of Puppy Zen, and read it before they get their pup. It has been a very helpful book and we are consistently told how prepared they feel for their pup, and we notice that the transition into their new homes is extremely smooth. If people are thinking of getting a pup, we would wholeheartedly recommend Puppy Zen and also Mark’s training videos. The information in Puppy Zen will give you the key to continue with the training from when puppy comes home, through the crucial early socialising period.”


Gloria - Breeder, Auckland

“I recently purchased Puppy Zen book and thoroughly enjoyed the read and have some new things to try now.”


Debbie - New Zealand

“I have your fabulous book Dog Zen. Great read great help. Love it”


Cathy - Auckland

“Thank you I have absolutely loved reading your Dog Zen book and have watched every video. I’ve learnt so much and feel so well prepared for our pups arrival next month.”


Sue - New Zealand

“Hope more people benefit from your Dog Zen book and experience. I’ve found it most helpful with my rehomed English Springer. Thanks”


Chloe - New Zealand

“This course has helped me much better understand canine behaviour and why they do what they do, and how to positively build those much needed relationships in order to successfully get them through their needed training. Thank you Mark Vette! Rated 5 out of 5”


Philippa - Christchurch

“I found the online training programme extremely useful – interesting, well-filmed and informative. It seems to cover everything that anyone would need to know. Congratulations on a fine product”


Kerri - Whakatane

“Thank you so much for your expertise and help with training my girl. Your format is extremely easy to follow, it all makes sense and it’s been a huge help to me. She’s definitely come such a long way on a short time. “


Pip - New Plymouth

“I have been watching all the Dog Zen foundation videos and learning a huge amount. We started work on the clicker on the weekend and he is making progress already on the lead, which is wonderful. I wish I had been onto this programme when he was a pup! Watching the dog language and foundation videos are really helpful to firstly know how a dogs mind works. Great and really important starting ground!”


Pip - New Plymouth

“I think everyone should be doing this course before owning a dog! So informative into the workings of a dog’s mind. Critical to dog ownership.”


Rachel - Lyall Bay, Wellington

“We have found the videos very helpful and informative with our hyperactive, but beautiful border collie cross!! She has calmed down a great deal, thanks to Dog Zen!”


Maree (& Ella) - Hot Water Beach, Coromandel

“Just love your videos (& can’t wait to receive your book). I look forward to watching a few videos each day and am learning so much. Thanks for putting together & sharing such brilliant techniques! .”


Sharon - NZ

“Just wanted to let you know what a difference your Dog Zen programme has made to our dog Macy (and us!). We’ve been using clicker and contrast training from your videos and today we had success for the first time by turning her round and asking the other dog owners to do a “nose to tail” greet. So simple, but so effective!!”


Susie - Auckland

“I started at module 1 and I’m about half way through watching module 4. If I wasn’t writing this email I would be watching some more – I’m addicted! I’m finding the video’s really interesting and valuable and I’m looking forward to getting into the training. ”


Margaret - Auckland

“Just wanted to tell you how very pleased I am with the training bag. I use it all the time! Love it being flat against the body when walking and so easy to get treats out quickly.”


Heather - New Zealand

“The slip lead has made all the difference to my controlling Arki on the short lead and I am delighted with it. Just so much better than dragging on a collar a Mark says in his book. His book is fantastic and I am living and breathing it at the moment!”


Meihana, SPCA Auckland

Loved it, incredibly invaluable information and skills.  Can’t wait to pass it on to the team.


Lilithe, student, University of Waikato, studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Animal Behaviour, Auckland

“Very inspiring. So glad you guys get this way of thinking about and treating dogs this way out, thank you guys!”


Ginny - Rescue Organisation, Auckland

“Absolutely enjoyed everything about the workshop.  Thoroughly, thoroughly impressive.”



Katriya - Auckland

“Loved how hands on and small this was, I learnt so much in such a small amount of time, it was amazing.”



Sian - Dog owner, Auckland

“Fantastic course.  Thank you team fro your time, energy and enthausiasm.  So sensible and so much common sense. Wish we could run hundreds of these so every dog owner attends the basics! I will be recommending Mobility Dogs attend.”


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