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Raising Rural Dogs

RAISING RURAL DOGS What’s different about raising and training rural dogs? Rural and Urban/Suburban environments are very different from a dog’s point of view. When you’re raising a puppy rurally, whether it’s on a farm, lifestyle block or just an isolated smaller...

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Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs!

BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR A DOG! It’s fun to put gifts under the Christmas tree for ALL family members…including the furry ones! Here are a couple of my suggestions for your best mate’s stocking. A KONG TOY This is a classic toy that every dog owner should have. Stuff...

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Social isolation with your dog

SOCIAL ISOLATION WITH A DOG OR PUPPY Tips for looking after yourself and your dog during and after a Covid-19 lockdown There have been many many situations in my life when I’ve been incredibly grateful to have a dog with me. I’m guessing if you’re reading this you’re...

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Train two dogs at once

HOW TO TRAIN TWO DOGS AT ONCE    When you’re trying to teach new behaviours (or work on undesirable existing ones!), having two dogs can make things more challenging and complex. How do you calm them down when they’re riling each other up? How do you ask for a...

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Training a dog that’s not food motivated

TRAINING A DOG THAT'S NOT FOOD MOTIVATED   Labrador owners, this one probably ain’t for you!  It’s difficult to do training when your dog isn’t food motivated. If this is the case for you,  here are a few tips that may help.  Ensure your dog is HUNGRY for training...

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Training tips for deaf dogs

TRAINING TIPS FOR DEAF DOGS   I’ve heard from many people who’ve adopted a puppy without realising it’s deaf, or fallen in love with a rescue dog that’s hard of hearing. However, when a lot of typical dog training relies on spoken commands, it doesn’t make things...

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