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How To Settle In Your Rescue Dog

How to help your rescue dog settle in happily Thank you for rescuing a dog and giving them a loving forever home. In my experience, no one will love you better and you can feel great that you’re giving a home to a dog in need. If you haven't yet chosen a rescue dog,...

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Contrast Training and Using a Slip Collar

Contrast training and using a slip collar My training methodology is primarily based on building an incredibly strong bond with your dog, as that is the basis for your success in all other areas of training. I focus on mainly using positive reinforcement - the goal is...

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Top 5 Tips to Calm Overexcitable Dogs Have you got a boisterous, bouncy, delightful but somewhat over-the-top dog? If your puppy or dog is hyperactive and prone to jumping up, pulling on the lead or being unable to settle down - you’ve come to the right place. Dogs...

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How to Prepare Your Dog for Going to Kennels

How to Prepare Your Dog for Going to Kennels Advice on how to help your dog get ready for kennelling over the holiday period It’s great when our dogs can come with us on trips, but I know that’s not always the case. Many of our canine pals are sent to stay at kennels...

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Moving House with a Dog

Moving House with a Dog Things to think about when you're moving to a new home with a dog When it’s time to move house, it’s important to think about how the move is going to work for your dog or dogs and what you need to consider for them when finding a new home....

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Proofing Do your dog's ears switch off as soon as you leave the house? There’s a big difference between a dog that will listen and respond to commands at home, and a dog that will respond in ANY place and EVERY situation. The difference is in whether or not you proof...

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