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How to desensitise a dog to grooming

How to desensitise a dog to grooming Train your dog to be relaxed and comfortable when you need to brush them or clip their nails!  It's no fun to try and restrain a wriggly or uncomfortable dog so that you can brush the mats out of their fur or trim their nails, but...

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Fading the clicker

Do I need to use a clicker forever? As you know, I love clicker training. But many people ask me if using a clicker means  they’ll have to ALWAYS carry it to get their dog to obey. The answer is NO!  Why would we stop using the clicker?A clicker and treats help dogs...

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What is your dog’s purpose?

What is your dog's purpose? The qualities of different breeds, based on what they were originally bred for! There are approximately 400 different breeds of dogs, and among them, there are thousands of cross breeds and lines of breeds that all have different...

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Should We Punish Our Dogs?

Should we punish our dogs? Is punishment an effective form of stopping undesirable behaviour? As responsible pet owners, it's essential for us to understand how to guide our furry companions effectively. When it comes to addressing undesirable behaviour in dogs, the...

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How To Stroke Your Cat

How to Stroke Your Cat If you’ve ever wondered why your cat bites you, avoids your pats at times, or seems to change their mind about whether they like having you around or not - it could be that you’re stroking your cat wrong!  Don't rub your cat up the wrong way!...

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Caring for Ageing Dogs

Caring for Ageing Dogs A guide on how to look after your dog’s changing physical and mental needs as they age. As our beloved dogs enter their golden years, it's essential to adapt our care strategies to meet their changing needs. Ageing dogs require tailored...

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