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Dog Zen Book

Everything you need to know to transform your dog

Ever wanted a harmonious, happy bond with your dog? Want to be able to trust your dog in any situation? Then this is the book for you!

You’ll learn to truly understand your dog, how to build a harmonious, happy relationship, raise a loving pup, and fix the most common behavioural problems. It is all so possible!

A transformative, practical guide to developing the ultimate relationship with your dog. It is fascinating and easy to read, full of stories and beautiful photos of the dogs in my life.

Here’s what you’ll learn in each section

Part A: The Dog
Discover the astounding story of how dogs evolved from wolves. You wouldn’t have a wolf in your living room, so how is it that dogs have become our most trusted companions? Learn how to see through their eyes and delve deeply into the mind of your dog, their senses, and how they perceive the world. Build an incredibly strong foundation for all the training you do together through this understanding.

Read a sample from Part A


Part B: The training foundations

Develop all the training foundations you need to establish that harmonious, happy relationship you are looking for.

You will:

  • Create a Shared Language so you communicate in a way your dog actually understands!
  • Find out about your dog’s Learning State and how critical it is for training.
  • Establish a Lifelong Bond where your dog looks to you for direction in all situations, including all the Basic Tools, Techniques and Commands of dog training.

When you build these foundations with your dog, you’ll find that your life together is stress-free, loving, happy and enjoyable. Just the way it should be!

Read a sample from Part B


Part C: Puppy love - prevention is better than cure
Doing the ‘right thing at the right time’ with your puppy is crucial and the fundamental to having a happy, reliable adult dog. Discover what to consider when you are getting a puppy, how to choose the one for you, and exactly what to do when. If every person followed the advice in this book, we could eliminate all preventable dog behaviour problems within a single generation. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?! Even if you don’t have a pup, this section will still be useful for understanding your adult dog, laying the foundations to transforming their problem behaviours.

Read a sample from Part C


So who is this book for?

  • Anyone who loves dogs!
  • Anyone thinking of getting a pup or dog
  • Those with an adult dog with problem behaviour
  • People curious about how dogs evolved from the wolf to live in our homes
  • Those wanting to understand more deeply how their dog engages with and sees the world
  • Those wanting to understand dog behaviour so they and their children can stay safe around dogs
  • Anyone interested in learning psychology or interested in working with dogs in the future


Sue - New Zealand

“Hope more people benefit from your Dog Zen book and experience. I’ve found it most helpful with my rehomed English Springer. Thanks”


Cathy - Auckland

“Thank you I have absolutely loved reading your Dog Zen book and have watched every video. I’ve learnt so much and feel so well prepared for our pups arrival next month.”


Debbie - New Zealand

“I have your fabulous book Dog Zen. Great read great help. Love it”


Gloria - Breeder, Auckland

“I recently purchased Puppy Zen book and thoroughly enjoyed the read and have some new things to try now.”


Sonia - Breeder Cider Field Labradoodles, Australia

“As a breeder of working lines of labradoodles, we recommend all owners to get a copy of Puppy Zen, and read it before they get their pup. It has been a very helpful book and we are consistently told how prepared they feel for their pup, and we notice that the transition into their new homes is extremely smooth. If people are thinking of getting a pup, we would wholeheartedly recommend Puppy Zen and also Mark’s training videos. The information in Puppy Zen will give you the key to continue with the training from when puppy comes home, through the crucial early socialising period.”


Rhea - Breeder, Cambridge

‘Puppy Zen book has ABSOLUTELY blown me away. The amount of useful and sensible tools/information/knowledge and skills to learn in this book is just incredible. It highlights how important it is as responsible dog owners to play our part and provides excellent guidance on how to achieve it.’

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