Mark Vette – Internationally renowned Animal Behaviourist, Educator, Author and TV personality

Meet the Team

Kim Morresey

General Manager

Marie Manderson

Senior Trainer

Jazmin Vette Dal Bello

Senior Trainer

Behaviour Clinic Trainer and Manager
Dip Contemporary Photography

As Mark’s daughter, Jazmin Vette Dal Bello (known as Jaz to the team!) grew up surrounded by animals, and totally immersed in the world of animal training, which is in her blood. She manages Mark Vette’s behaviour clinic and has trained a variety of
animals for film and television. On a global scale, it’s Jaz’s face that’s plastered on YouTube as the trainer of Driving Dog Porter – one of three dogs who were part of this first-ever global phenomenon.

Alisa Keall-Grant

Social Manager

Kelly Cross

Clinic Coordinator

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