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Puppy Training Line 2.5m

Puppy Training Line 2.5m


This lightweight 2.5metre lead is used in the HOUSE to interrupt your pup's undesirable behaviours. It allows you to provide a remote correction from a distance so your pup associates the correction to the object not you. Therefore it both protects your relationship and ensures they stop the behaviour whether you are there or not. You use this training line in association with your clicker - the correction from the line tells your pup that the behaviour isn't appropriate and the clicker and reward is for the appropriate behaviour. In combination it is a highly effective way of training while preserving your all important relationship as a mentor. Can be used to stop jumping up, stealing, chewing, digging, chasing. Makes training easy!

$22.00 plus $7.50 postage and packaging
(To support our environment we use recycled packaging)

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