Solve your dog's behavioural problems with Dog Zen!


Our Training Program

This online training program will take you through the basic foundations to help get your dog into a ‘learning state’, arm you with tools and techniques to correct any behaviour problems you want fixed, and strengthen your relationship with your furry companion.

Dog Zen Foundations

Learn the principles of Dog Zen that will transform how you communicate with your dog, giving you the understanding you need to train your puppy or adult dog successfully.

Videos included:

  • Overview – the scientifically-based training principles of Dog Zen
  • Learning State – understand when your dog can and cannot learn (one of the major reasons training succeeds or fails)
  • Formative period – understand what to do in the critical 2-4 months period for a puppy and what to do if you’ve missed it
  • Shared language – develop a new, powerful language between you and your dog so your dog can understand what you want it to do

Dog Zen Tools and Techniques

Here we cover the essential tools and techniques required for success.

Videos included:

  • Tools overview – learn the why and how of each training tool
  • Leads – how to use them effectively
  • Clicker – marking your dog’s behaviour so it knows what you are asking it to do
  • The Den – recreating a safe place for your dog
  • Contrast training – the importance of positive training and setting boundaries
  • Muzzle – safety option for your dog if you need it
  • Golden rules of training – ensuring effective training sessions that really work

Sound Relationships

Here we establish the fundamental building blocks for your relationship with your dog, which will help you achieve the best result in all of your training.

Videos included:

  • Your role as Mentor and Guide – understand your critical role and build a strong bond
  • Joining up – learn how to have your dog look to you for guidance in all situations
  • Basic commands – teach your dog all the most important commands
  • Meet and greet – learn the dog ‘handshake’ and teach your dog how to meet and greet other dogs and people safely

The 10 Most Common Problems

Now we can solve the 10 most common problems so you no longer need to worry or stress about your dog’s behaviour. We use real life case studies and clear instructions so you can do this yourself.

Videos included:

  • Hyperactive problems – jumping up; pulling on lead; over excitement
  • Noise phobias – fear of fireworks, thunder, vacuums or any other phobias of sounds or items
  • Excessive submission – timidity; submissive urination; submissive behaviour
  • Dog to dog aggression
  • Human oriented aggression
  • Barking
  • Separation distress
  • House training – for puppies and adult dogs
  • Destructive behaviours
  • Recall – ensuring your dog returns when called, every time

The Good Work

Use this section to ensure your training carries over into real life, forever.

Videos included:

  • Proofing and fading the clicker – get out and about into different and more complex situations
  • Training diary – keep on track with your training for a lifetime of results

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Is Dog Zen right for my dog?

If you have a ‘naughty but nice’ dog, who you love to bits, but in one or more areas has some challenging behaviours you are not able to change, then Dog Zen is for you.

You truly do not have to learn to live with this! 9 out of 10 dogs can be retrained, and I have 40 years of clinical experience, and 1000’s of clients as proof that the Dog Zen training way works!


Here’s just some of the types of dogs my Dog Zen Training is perfect for…

The Dog Who Is Super Excited To See Everyone

Your excessively exuberant dog cheerfully strokes the ego of all who it meets with its enthusiastic greeting. Unfortunately, it often takes it too far - jumping, licking, playfully biting others (who may not be so enthusiastic in their response). You may feel you’re constantly trying to rein your dog’s spirit in, which becomes exhausting for you and tiring for those around you.


The Dog Who Loves The Sound Of Its Own Voice

In your dog’s world, there is a valid reason why it feels the need to bark, however in our human world, it is not typically welcomed by you, or those around you. You and your neighbours grimace when your dog goes off on another canine diatribe. Those sitting near you at a cafe trying to enjoy a quiet coffee, or walking past, mutter under their breath. You worry they're seeing you as an owner who cannot control your dog's behaviour. In reality, when you know how, you can!


The Dog Who Doesn’t Always Like Its Own Kind, Or Other Humans

This can be distressing for you, because you know how loveable your dog is with you, and those that it knows & trusts. Yet when you're out and about, your dog makes it very clear that it’s not feeling warm fuzzies towards others. This level of grumpiness or aggression (to other dogs and/or humans) at worst could see it receive a one way ticket to the vets (something no owner wants to be faced with!).


The Dog Who Can’t Live A Second Without You

The bond between human and dog is incredibly special. There is a mutual unconditional love between the two of you. A dog who is experiencing the horrors of separation distress is in fact suffering from too much love. This is equally painful for you. You find yourself changing your life around to manage your canine friend’s clingy needs. This problem will never resolve itself and will only bring you and your dog more pain and anxiety if not addressed.

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NZ$67 NZ$27month

Subscribe to Dog Zen now to get your first month at the reduced price of $27 NZD which is a saving of nearly 60% (regular monthly cost is $67 NZD per month).

Dog Zen is a monthly subscription program. You may cancel your subscription at any time.                        

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Dog Zen is done with a lot of love. I feel confident now as I know it is making him a better dog


Garth Witiker

Dog Zen has given me the tools that I needed to make the right decisions with my dogs.



Dog Zen has been a life saver to us. It’s been absolutely fantastic.