Puppy Zen

In this profound and ground-breaking event Mark will share with you the significance and power of your pup’s formative period (3 – 16 weeks) when 80% of your puppy’s brain is wired.

During this critical time, you have just eight weeks to establish your pup’s social behaviours; make them resilient to change; create your life-long bond and establish their adult patterns of behaviour Mark’s methods of puppy training. 

Get this time right and you will prevent mal-socialisation, aggression and many other behavioural issues. Not only will Mark share critical knowledge and tools but he will share the incredible story of how dogs co-evolved with us over 40,000 years ago.

Mark reveals the ancestral meaning of dog behaviours so you can learn how to mimic nature. By reinforcing these ancient behaviour systems you can speed up your pup’s learning substantially.

Supported by his senior trainers Marie Manderson and Jazmin Vette dal Bello and a band of heartwarming pups, Mark will bring to life his groundbreaking knowledge and skills with live cameras capturing all the action and revealed on huge screens. He will reveal 

  • The critical importance of choosing the right dog for you
  • How transformative the formative period is and what to do
  • How ‘zen sit’ and ‘zen down’ are much more than a command
  • The importance of learning state in your pup
  • ‘How to settle a puppy
  • ‘Meet and greets’ to prevent aggression toward humans, dogs and other species
  • How to build a lifelong bond through nature’s methods
  • The transformative power of the clicker

You will learn all you need to know to prevent behaviour issues and grow gorgeous pups.

Value of book is $45 Pre-order when you buy your ticket and save $5

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The events will display live the in-depth knowledge now available in Mark’s new book Puppy Zen. This book is a great companion to take your learning in-depth at home.

We can deliver to you from November 5th.

Do the right thing at the right time- and be rewarded with a lifetime of joy

There is a critical time, called the formative period, during which a puppy can learn skills and social behaviour quickly and easily. Puppy training is cruicial during this time, miss it, and you could have a lifetime of problem behaviours. Make the most of it, and you will have a happy lifelong bond with your pup.

This week-by-week guide will teach you:

  • The importance of the formative period
  • The ‘why’ of puppy behaviour
  • How to pick the right puppy for you and your family
  • How to prepare your home for the new arrival
  • How to establish the basics of puppy training
  • How to ensure your pup is friendly towards people, dogs and other animals
  • How to establish puppy toilet training

It will also show you how to avoid having a dog that:

  • Bites     •     Barks     •     Jumps up
  • Destroys household items or furniture
  • Whines and cries when you are away
  • Is frightened of everyday noises or objects

Be supported step by step, week by week by Mark Vette

Animal Behaviourist Mark is a world-renowned animal behaviourist, zoologist and trainer, with a unique combination of academic studies and 40 years of applied clinical consulting and treatment.

He has worked as a lecturer and consultant to academic institutions, welfare organisations and industry. Mark draws on his deep understanding of wolf behaviour, developed in the US under the renowned behaviourist Prof Erick Klinghammer, to provide deep insights into the progenitor of the dog and dog behaviour.

Mark has also trained a variety of species for film and television, including movies such as Narnia, Lord of the Rings and The Last Samurai. Mark has led three television series to date: Purina Pound Pups to Dog Stars, Dogs Might Fly and The Funny Farm.

As part of his advocacy of animals, Mark has achieved five world-first animal performances, including driving dogs and flying dogs. If you were to ask Mark where his most profound insights come from it would be from his 40 years of Zen practice under the guidance of his Great Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Dogs too are his ‘Dog Zen Masters’.

He continues to learn much from these amazing beings that have been at his side all his life and he never ceases to be amazed by their presence and joy.