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Can cats drink milk?

Can cats drink milk?

Short answer – no.

Well technically, yes they CAN drink it, but it isn’t good for them!

Every cat loves a saucer of milk, and if storybooks and cartoons are anything to go by, it’s the quintessential treat for our lovely feline friends!

But sadly, although they’ll lap it up, it’s not good for many of them. 

Most cats do not have the enzyme necessary to digest lactose, so milk (especially cow’s milk) can cause upset stomachs, diarrhoea and vomiting. Kittens are able to tolerate some lactose up until around 12 weeks old, however this tolerance then usually disappears.  

Milk is also full of fat and though this makes it delicious to your cat, it can contribute to weight issues and problems associated with obesity. The protein in cow’s milk can also cause dietary imbalances.

So in short, a small amount of milk is not dangerous but it could well give your cat a sore tummy and it’s not the best for their health. 

Though it’s not as exciting, water along with a balanced diet is by far the best thing for their health! 

Thanks to Southern Cross Pet Insurance for providing this info. Check out their website to learn more:

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