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You may have seen me on my global TV series Purina Pound Pups to Dog Stars, where I rescue dogs, transform their behaviour, and find them loving homes. Now you can learn my training techniques and transform your own dog’s behaviour. Better yet, to celebrate, we’re giving you the first month’s subscription of Dog Zen for only $37, that's a saving of nearly 45%.

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Our Story

Dog Zen is a culmination of my 40 years of clinical and hands on experience working with dogs. The methodology you will learn has been developed by me over that time, proving itself to be a winner for both dogs and owners. In Dog Zen I work to demystify some common myths around dog training and get to the bottom of how to best train and transform your dog into a well-behaved loving companion.

I’ve been fortunate to work on film and TV locations around the world, like Narnia and Lord of the Rings; I’ve taught dogs to drive and fly; and have my own globally successful TV Show, Pound Pups to Dog Stars. Each week this heart warming show takes dogs on death row, and turns them into healthy, happy, well behaved dog stars.

My unique methodology looks back at the ancestral roots of the wolf, to help understand the real meaning of the behaviours owners like you are battling with, and importantly how to change them. Knowing that learning state and marking behaviour are critical to addressing any behavioural issue.

My online training program gives you access to all this experience in your own home, in your own time. In following my step-by-step instructions designed to teach you how to train your dog, you will be able to enjoy a well behaved, loving dog who looks to you for direction. You will develop a shared language with your dog so they can learn to live safely and happily in our complex human world.

Learn directly from me the same methodology I have taught at universities and teach dog owners in my sought after Clinic consultations, at your own time and pace.

Learn how the bond between humans and dogs has co-evolved over 30,000 years. Use this knowledge to strengthen the bond you have with your dog, to make sure it is the best it can be and reap the results!

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