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How To Settle In Your Rescue Dog

How to help your rescue dog settle in happily

Thank you for rescuing a dog and giving them a loving forever home. In my experience, no one will love you better and you can feel great that youre giving a home to a dog in need.

If you haven’t yet chosen a rescue dog, you might like to read our article on How to Match Yourself to a Rescue Dog first!

Once you have chosen your rescue dog, it can be a big transition for them to go from a rescue organisation to your place, especially for adult dogs who can be a bit less adaptable than puppies. A dog’s first experience with something or someone heavily influences how they experience things moving forward, so doing things right the first time will make life a lot easier for both of you!

So here are the things I recommend you do to ensure your relationship with your dog gets off to the best possible start.

Click on the headline for each section to take you through to the key information. 

1. Before you get your dog

  • Learn about your dog 
  • Learn about dog behaviour 
  • Prepare your home 
  • Brief the family
  • Your rescue dog around kids 

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2. Pick up and first trip home 

  • Picking up your dog 
  • The first car ride home 

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3. Day One at home with your dog

  • First time coming into your home
  • Introduction to Home environment 
  • Introductions to family 
  • Introducing other pets
  • Feeding
  • Start training from day 1
  • The first night 
  • How you can help

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4. Week One at home with your dog 

  • Bonding 
  • Set up a routine 
  • Concerning or challenging behaviours 
  • Training 

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Need more help?

If having read this blog series you need more help, please reach out.

Dogs are unique, sentient beings and every single one is different. I am here to help you with your new rescue dog! If you have any questions about your dog’s behaviour or dog training, please just ask and myself or a team member will be happy to offer some advice. You can send me a message on Facebook, Instagram or send an email to Feel free to include a video of a behaviour you’re seeing if you’d like an opinion on it.

All the best with your new family member!

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