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Half (Limited) Slip Dog Training Collar

Half (Limited) Slip Dog Training Collar


Dogs need the contrast between Reward (click and reward the behavior you want) and Consequence (an effective check). These two powerful techniques, when worked together, will help you change old inappropriate behaviors and shape new desired behaviors. We call this contrast training and we normally start this training from 10 weeks of age.  We use three types of tools to create the contrasting effective check – slip collar, half slip, and Mendota.

The half-slip collar is good for small puppies and tiny breeds. The half-slip collar is made with two loops. The larger loop is slipped onto the dog or pup’s neck and a leash is then clipped to the smaller loop. When they try to pull, the tension on the leash pulls the small loop taut, which makes the large loop smaller and tighter on the neck, thus helping to prevent escape and applying pressure on (a form of check). When the collar is properly fitted, it will be comfortably loose without your dog noticing it much until the dog begins to pull.

SIZE: Small only

NECK SIZE: 26 - 34cm (10 - 13")

COLLAR WIDTH: 12mm (.47")

$27.50 plus $7.50 postage and packaging
(To support our environment we use recycled packaging)

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