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Puppy Zen the Book

Puppy Zen the Book


Puppy Zen – Eight Weeks To Train Your Pup And Create A Lifelong Bond

There is a critical time, called the Formative Period, during which a puppy can learn skills and social behaviours quickly and easily. Miss it, and you could have a lifetime of problem behaviours. Make the most of it, and you will have a happy lifelong bond with your pup.

Mark’s week by week guide will teach you:
• The ‘why’ of puppy behaviour and how pups develop and learn
• How to pick the right pup for you and your family
• How to prepare your home for a new arrival
• How to undertake the basics of training
• How to ensure your pup is friendly towards people, dogs and other animals

Do the Right Thing at the Right Time And be Rewarded with a Lifetime of Joy.

$40 plus $5 postage and packaging.

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