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Safety Slip Collar (nylon)

Safety Slip Collar (nylon)


Dogs need the contrast between Reward (click and reward the behavior you want) and Consequence (Safety Slip Collar or Mendota lead– setting boundaries). These two powerful tools, when worked together, will help you change old inappropriate behaviors and shape new desired behaviors.

The Mendota is good for everyday close work like walking on the lead, and the safety slip collar is useful for long lead work (for recall and discrimination training). I recommend you get both to follow my techniques.

Note: it is important that the safety slip collar is the correct size. It must fit snuggly. Measure the widest part of your dog’s head (just below the ears) so the collar can get over their head then add 1 cm for smaller dogs and 2cm for medium dogs, 3cm for big dogs and 5cm for giant breeds.

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(To support our environment we use recycled packaging)

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