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Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs!


It’s fun to put gifts under the Christmas tree for ALL family members…including the furry ones!

Here are a couple of my suggestions for your best mate’s stocking.


This is a classic toy that every dog owner should have. Stuff it with food, and it can give your dog hours of entertainment when you’re going out or wanting to help them be calm if they’re in a crate for any period of time. Freeze them with peanut butter inside for extra summery fun that will take ages to lick out!

As well as being fun, Kong toys are great for training as you can use them to help settle your dog when you’re introducing a crate or kennel for the first time, or practising separation from your dog to prevent or treat separation distress. 


Book your next holiday at a pet-friendly hotel or AirBnB so you can take your dog with you. Your dog’s favourite thing is spending time with you, so what could be a better gift than this?  There are a whole bunch available at—Hotels.html but you can search by pet-friendly listings on AirBnB and other holiday let websites too. 


There are multiple options available with a quick Google search, and especially if you have a rescue special, it could be fascinating to see what combo of breeds makes up your doggie! This could help you understand your dog’s particular quirks a little better too.


If you live somewhere without water restrictions and have a water-loving dog, a plastic paddling pool (we don’t recommend the inflatable ones for dogs!) or a sprinkler can be amazing summer fun! Great for keeping cool on those super hot days too. If water conservation needs to be considered, how about freezing your dog’s favourite toy or treat inside an ice cream container full of water. They’ll be able to spot it through the ice, and can spend ages licking the ice to get it out! Great enrichment activity on a hot summer’s day. 


Okay, probably not our idea of an enticing Xmas pressie but for your dog, probably the best thing they can imagine. Cartilaginous bones like brisket are best as they’re not chokey and don’t cause problems in the gut. 


Food puzzles are a great way to enrich your dog’s life – help them use their brain in a fun and engaging way! We love Outward Hound puzzles, they’re nice and tough so don’t get all chewed up. 


Using a clicker helps you train your dog so much faster, and training isn’t just fantastic from a behavioural perspective, teaching your dog new things is also great mental stimulation for them AND a great way for you to strengthen your bond with your dog. Trust me on this one.  We sell them on our website here if you don’t have one yet.


I have three virtual training schools – for puppies, teenage puppies and adult dogs. Each of them teaches you how to deeply understand your pup or dog, speak to them in a way they understand, and train them so that you can have a relaxed, happy and stress-free life together. Your pup or dog wants to be trained, and wants to do the right thing so this is the best gift of all – a lifetime of happiness! 

You can now purchase a membership to our puppy, teenage puppy and dog training schools as a GIFT – either for yourself and your own dog, or for a loved one with a pup or dog that needs some training. Learn more here.


And remember if you don’t have any money available to spend on your dog this Christmas, NO PROBLEM. The number one thing you can give your dog is love and attention and fortunately, that comes for free.

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