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Virtual Puppy School

Feel confident knowing you’re doing EXACTLY the right thing at EXACTLY the right time to raise a happy, sociable and well-behaved puppy. Your pup is with you for 10-15 years and will have a huge influence on your life, can you afford not to put in the training now?!

You’ll learn:

  • Skills you’ll use for your dog’s whole life
  • Unique techniques to build a bond for life 
  • How to prepare for your pup & set up for success from the get-go
  • Key socialisation techniques & how to manage the vaccination clash
  • The 10 basic commands for bomb proof obedience
  • How to prevent behaviour issues before they start
  • Easy house training
  • Address biting, barking, whining, fears, separation issues & hyperactivity

You’ll get:

  • Step by step video guidance from Mark Vette
  • Detailed troubleshooting if things go awry
  • Dog training team on hand help
  • Live Coaching Sessions for direct one-on-one advice
  • Access to our incredible support group of puppy owners and trainers!

We make it simple with easy to follow training videos, and a week-by-week training guide so you can be sure you’re doing the right thing at the right time. 

Prevention is better than cure. Train your pup now and your journey will be SO much easier. Young pups learn skills and social behaviours quickly and easily, don’t miss this critical period and end up with a lifetime of problem behaviours. Do the right thing now and have a wonderful, stress-free life with your pup!


This is a monthly subscription, you can unsubscribe at any time. 

Training an older pup or dog?

We have options for teenage pups (6-18 months) and adult dogs (18 months+) with age-specific techniques to help you go back to basics or correct behavioural issues.  

Everything you need to know to prepare for your pup’s arrival

  • Choosing the right pup
  • Questions to ask your breeder / rescue organisation / retailer
  • Understand your pup
  • Set up your home & garden
  • Key training tools
  • Exercise & sleep overview
  • Handle your pup’s first trip home


Teach all the basics and prevent behaviour issues developing

  • Handle the first days (and nights!) at home
  • Teach basic commands
  • House training
  • Build a bond
  • Prevent issues 
  • Safe socialisation for the vaccination period 
  • Separation, biting & sensitivities


Ensure pup listens at home AND out and about 

  • Hardwire in the behaviours you’ve taught
  • Proof commands so that your pup listens and responds anytime, anywhere!
  • Test your pup in more distracting places

Handle challenges & emerging issues

  • Case studies with different pups
  • Troubleshoot any issues / challenges like hyper-excitability, fearfulness, nipping & biting, recall, separation issues, resource guarding & more 
  • Ongoing proofing work, particularly with recall!
  • Fade the clicker & training tools 



    Traditional puppy schools are fantastic for socialisation, but theres little opportunity for learning with all that fun and chaos of multiple pups in a room together.

    Our online course covers so much more than just the basics (though we do those too!). You’ll actually understand how to truly create an unbreakable bond with your pup that will mean your pup listens and responds to you so naturally.


    • A full and COMPLETE guide to raising and training your pup 
    • Personalised help from my dog training team whenever you need 
    • Facebook Live sessions with me for direct one-on-one advice
    • Access to a members-only Facebook Group to ask questions & connect with our puppy training community 
    • Train in your own time 
    • Understand WHY you’re doing what you’re doing so you grow your skills as a trainer


    • Ideally, join at least 2 weeks before your pup arrives, so you can get your home set up correctly and be prepared to build great habits from the get-go and handle those critical first few days at home
    • However, the course is designed for any pup aged up to 5 months
    • If your pup is older than 5 months, join our Virtual School for Teenage Pups

    Hear from our happy customers directly


    Susie - Auckland

    “I started at module 1 and I’m about half way through watching module 4. If I wasn’t writing this email I would be watching some more – I’m addicted! I’m finding the video’s really interesting and valuable and I’m looking forward to getting into the training. ”


    Sharon - NZ

    “Just wanted to let you know what a difference your Dog Zen programme has made to our dog Macy (and us!). We’ve been using clicker and contrast training from your videos and today we had success for the first time by turning her round and asking the other dog owners to do a “nose to tail” greet. So simple, but so effective!!”


    Maree (& Ella) - Hot Water Beach, Coromandel

    “Just love your videos (& can’t wait to receive your book). I look forward to watching a few videos each day and am learning so much. Thanks for putting together & sharing such brilliant techniques! .”


    Rachel - Lyall Bay, Wellington

    “We have found the videos very helpful and informative with our hyperactive, but beautiful border collie cross!! She has calmed down a great deal, thanks to Dog Zen!”


    Pip - New Plymouth

    “I think everyone should be doing this course before owning a dog! So informative into the workings of a dog’s mind. Critical to dog ownership.”


    Pip - New Plymouth

    “I have been watching all the Dog Zen foundation videos and learning a huge amount. We started work on the clicker on the weekend and he is making progress already on the lead, which is wonderful. I wish I had been onto this programme when he was a pup! Watching the dog language and foundation videos are really helpful to firstly know how a dogs mind works. Great and really important starting ground!”


    Kerri - Whakatane

    “Thank you so much for your expertise and help with training my girl. Your format is extremely easy to follow, it all makes sense and it’s been a huge help to me. She’s definitely come such a long way on a short time. “


    Philippa - Christchurch

    “I found the online training programme extremely useful – interesting, well-filmed and informative. It seems to cover everything that anyone would need to know. Congratulations on a fine product”


    Chloe - New Zealand

    “This course has helped me much better understand canine behaviour and why they do what they do, and how to positively build those much needed relationships in order to successfully get them through their needed training. Thank you Mark Vette! Rated 5 out of 5”

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