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Rachel & Kaia’s Story

RACHEL & KAIA’S STORY A few months after being diagnosed with PTSD, Rachel got a beautiful dog called Kaia.  She was just intended as a pet to join her other dog, as she’d always wanted a border collie, but it didn’t take long before she realised what a...
Teenage Pups

Teenage Pups

WHAT’S GOING ON WITH MY TEENAGE PUP?! One of the most interesting things that differentiates a pup (0-5 months) from a teenage pup (5-18 months) is that, just like human teenagers, a teenage puppy brain does a big update and reconfigure as it transitions into...

Pet cameras for separation anxiety

A CLEVER NEW TOOL TO HELP TREAT SEPARATION ANXIETY Separation distress can be seriously distressing, for you and your dog! Typically you would see your dog getting anxious when you leave, barking, howling, destroying or even soiling the house as symptoms of this...
Calming an Overexcitable Pup

Calming an Overexcitable Pup

Case study: Moss the Overexcitable Pup Little Moss here is a mixed breed pup, who (like MANY pups) was overexcitable and very nippy. With hunting and working breeds as part of his mix, he is naturally stimulated by movement and loves the thrill of the chase!  So with...

Raising Rural Dogs

RAISING RURAL DOGS What’s different about raising and training rural dogs? Rural and Urban/Suburban environments are very different from a dog’s point of view. When you’re raising a puppy rurally, whether it’s on a farm, lifestyle block or just an isolated smaller...

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