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I’ll be posting some of my tips and tricks here to help you deal with some common problems you and your dog might be faced with.

Treating Hyperactivity

Treating Hyperactivity Overview In my next few posts I’ll address how to work through specific behaviour issues related to hyperactivity such as lead pulling and jumping up, but for this post I’ll just go through a few general recommendations for training when working...

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Joining Up

What is Joining Up? Joining up is one of my signature training techniques that cultivates a strong bond between you and your dog, and gets your dog more focused and attuned to you. When your dog is well connected and joined up to you, your dog stays close to you and...

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What to do if an aggressive dog approaches your dog

WHAT TO DO WHEN AN AGGRESSIVE DOG APPROACHES YOUR DOG In this post I’m delving into what you can do to minimise the risk of an attack or fight occurring if an aggressive dog approaches your dog. If you can see a dog approaching you and your dog and you’re not sure of...

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What is hyperactivity? Hyperactivity simply means to be excessively active. In dogs, in can range from simply behaving with exuberance to showing constantly active, disruptive or frenzied behaviour. It is one of the most common behaviour issues I see in dogs!...

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Training your teenage dog

TRAINING YOUR TEENAGE DOG Yep, dogs go through puberty too! And if you have a teenage puppy in the house, you may have started to encounter some of the angsty, delinquent outward focused teenage behaviour that is typical in this period, just like with human teenagers....

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Introducing your dog and baby

INTRODUCING YOUR DOG TO YOUR BABY When you’re having a baby but already have a fur-baby, you can be anxious to do everything you can to help a beautiful relationship develop between the two. There is nothing more special than the bond between a baby and a dog! But...

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