I’ll be posting some of my tips and tricks here to help you deal with some common problems you and your dog might be faced with.

Barking Problems

Understanding This Behaviour Barking is a natural behaviour for dogs, and can be an expected and not uncommon response to various stimuli. There are several types of barking problems that dogs can display, including protective (guarding/territorial), predatory, fearful, and separation distress. Many of these types of barking stem from different learned behaviours, which could have […]

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Sound Phobias

Understanding This Behaviour Phobias are a class of problems that we treat very commonly. The most common are thunder/gun/cracker phobias; however other fears can include agro phobia, claustrophobia, and mal-socialization towards people and other dogs. Fear of travel is also a common issue. Phobias commonly manifest as hyperventilation, salivation, hiding, dilated pupils, and increased heart […]

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Destructive Behaviour & Bite Inhibition

  It is important to understand that during the formative (sensitive) period, the puppy is teething. During this time, they show a lot more interest in chewing, biting and mouthing. This is natural and expected in all puppies, but some are more inclined than others. There are numerous reasons they chew a lot around this […]

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Put simply, cross-fostering is adjusting your pup to accept other species as friend, not foe. Other species become part of the pack. You must start socializing them together in the 2-4 month period (this is before the hunting instinct really kicks in). Like in the wolf, this is the time for learning about family, so if […]

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Understanding Obedience Training

Obedience training should start during the dog’s formative period, at age 2-4 months. Dogs who don’t learn to learn during this sensitive period will never learn as well as dogs who have done, so this is the best time to start training your dog to understand commands. You don’t need to teach your dog any advanced […]

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