I’ll be posting some of my tips and tricks here to help you deal with some common problems you and your dog might be faced with.

Bringing home a rescue dog

What to do when you take your rescue dog home  Expert animal behaviourist Mark Vette once taught three SPCA dogs – Monty, Porter and Ginny  – how to drive a car to show that rescue dogs are smart dogs. In fact, he has worked closely with rescues for 40 years! Today he shares his tips […]

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Dog Zen – Everything You Need To Transform Your Dog

My first ever book is here! I am so excited to finally announce the release of my first book! This book is the culmination of my life’s work; 40+ years studying dog behaviour and treating dog behaviour problems through my clinic, television shows and online video series. I wrote it so you too can transform […]

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My Dog Becomes World’s First Canine Social Media Manager!

When your business is an online dog training program, who better to hire to manage your social media than, well….a dog!   I’m pleased to introduce you to Reggie, a beautiful German Shepherd Labrador Cross that I adopted last year, who has just become the first dog in the world to actively run his own […]

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Barking Problems

Understanding This Behaviour Barking is a natural behaviour for dogs, and can be an expected and not uncommon response to various stimuli. There are several types of barking problems that dogs can display, including protective (guarding/territorial), predatory, fearful, and separation distress. Many of these types of barking stem from different learned behaviours, which could have […]

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Sound Phobias

Understanding This Behaviour Phobias are a class of problems that we treat very commonly. The most common are thunder/gun/cracker phobias; however other fears can include agro phobia, claustrophobia, and mal-socialization towards people and other dogs. Fear of travel is also a common issue. Phobias commonly manifest as hyperventilation, salivation, hiding, dilated pupils, and increased heart […]

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