I’ll be posting some of my tips and tricks here to help you deal with some common problems you and your dog might be faced with.

How To Stop Your Dog From Humping

Have you had an embarrassing moment when your dog got a little, er, “over excited”? Humping is a surprisingly common behaviour that dog owners encounter, and it can often be very embarrassing when your dog unleashes its affections on another dog (or person), so I thought I’d give you a bit of insight into why […]

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How to avoid being bitten by a dog

Tips to help you avoid a dog attack or injury if you encounter an aggressive dog Dogs are beautiful creatures, but unfortunately there are circumstances in which a dog becomes aggressive – this could be due to poor socialisation, fear, the dog’s desire to protect its family or territory, or the dog being uncomfortable and […]

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10 things you must do when you get a puppy

A list of what you should do with your puppy to ensure a happy, healthy and well-behaved dog for life! Getting a puppy is an exciting time, but gorgeous as they are, all puppies do become dogs and it’s important to do the right thing from the beginning to ensure you don’t face any issues […]

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Preparing your dog for a new baby

There’s so much to think about when you’re getting ready for a baby, but if you have a dog it’s worthwhile preparing early to ensure a safe and happy start to the relationship between your fur child and your human one. Here are my tips for helping you and your dog prepare for the new […]

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Choosing the best puppy from a litter

Here’s what to look for when you’re choosing a puppy from a litter Once you’ve decided what sorts of dog breeds are going to suit your household and where you’re going to find your new dog (I recommend you look at your local animal rescue shelter!), you may need to make a choice about which […]

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