I’ll be posting some of my tips and tricks here to help you deal with some common problems you and your dog might be faced with.

Preparing your dog for a new baby

There’s so much to think about when you’re getting ready for a baby, but if you have a dog it’s worthwhile preparing early to ensure a safe and happy start to the relationship between your fur child and your human one. Here are my tips for helping you and your dog prepare for the new […]

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Choosing the best puppy from a litter

Here’s what to look for when you’re choosing a puppy from a litter Once you’ve decided what sorts of dog breeds are going to suit your household and where you’re going to find your new dog (I recommend you look at your local animal rescue shelter!), you may need to make a choice about which […]

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Choosing the right dog breed

Here’s how to choose the right dog breed for you Should I choose a big dog or a small one? A purebred or a mixed breed dog? Which breeds should I look at? We’re here to help! The journey to lasting doggy happiness starts by choosing the right dog for you, and you need to […]

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Whiz, bang, pop – it’s Guy Fawkes season.

Hey there, this month I’m going to be talking about helping your pets get through Guy Fawkes season. Fast approaching on the 5th of November, read on to see my tips and tricks to get everyone ready for the night.  Noise phobias are very common, it’s a problem we treat in our clinic and with our […]

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House Training: The dos and don’ts

House training is one of the most important behaviours to teach your pup. In the wild, dogs don’t have ‘a house’. They do, however, have dens, which are treated as a home of sorts. Once puppies are seven weeks old, they no longer do their business in the den and learn to go outside for […]

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